Boer Goats for Sale in Texas

Welcome to Treasured Goat Ranch: Registered & Raising Boer Goats for 4-H and FFA Projects!

At Treasured Goats Ranch we sell quality mostly colored Boer Goats for show, 4h and breeding. Located in southeast Texas we have over 15 years of experience raising goats.

We Currently Sell
Texas Show Wethers
Registered Boer Goat Breeding Stock

We focus on breeding Unique Texas Boer Goats of Color for 4H and FFA shows.

Our Story: The Beginning of Treasured Goats Ranch

We started raising goats in 1992 in Orange County, Texas. We started with 3 nannies and 1 billy goat bought from Deridder, Louisiana. They were typical brown/milk goats that lived in this area; Cambria, Yosemite, Raineer and Bretton named after places we have been.

Those were healthy goats that thrived in the Texas woods and learned to eat the Chinese Tallow Tree which was abundant in the area.

They were moved to Willis, Texas in 1996 and thrived on the Yaupon in the White Oak and Hickory woods.

In 2003 the first Boer Billy arrived- his name was Abraham.

The reign of the Boer Billy Goats are as follows…

Abraham: 2003
Elvis: 2003-2004
Horatio: 2004-2006
Junior: 2007
Huck: 2007-2009
General: 2009…. Present ABGA #: 10486765

Huck was our first Full Blood Boer Goat and is from Enobled Line. He was a tall long goat. When we got him he limped and had 2 bottom teeth missing.

When Huck died we kept his son Zach who had a tremendous hard loin.

We bought a Red Billy Goat from Uschi Billings near Huntsville, Texas and named him General. He is currently the primary herd sire.

We are currently breeding General to Huck’s kids.

We are also breeding General’s kids to Huck’s son Zach.

Treasured Goats Ranch
George Webster
Willis, Texas
“We focus on raising up quality Texas Show Wethers”

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